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LSR71XX Series

Brand: Sanesil
Feature: Superior clarity
Industry: Automotive applications,medicine,daily necessities
Grade: Superior clarity
Appearnce: Translucent
Origin: China
Package: 20 kg pails or 200 kg drums
Description:Sanesil LSR7100 A/B   is a two component general purpose liquid silicone rubber designed for producing high clarity, high tear strength parts through injection process after A/B mix with ratio of 1/1.

Special properties:

  • Excellent mold release and easily pigmented

  • Superior clarity

  • High performance physicals, high tear and elongation

  • Excellent rebound resilience

  • Soft, skin-like feel when molded

Main applications:
  • Baby care parts

  • Respiratory mask

  • Automotive applications: valves, gaskets, seals

  • Skin contact parts like liners

  • Balloons

Slabs 160mm*160mm*2mm at 177ºC cured for 5 minutes with hot mold. Compression set slabs at 177ºC cured for 10 minutes with cold mold. Compression set test condition:177ºC*22hours, 25%. These data are approx.
Please note: The typical properties are not intended for use in preparing specifications for any particular applications. Please contact our Technical Service Department for more detailed data.

Instruction of use:Cure is dependent upon molding temperature and part size. The same lot part A and B components of Sanesil LSR7100A/B are designed to be mixed in equal parts using standard liquid injection   molding processing equipment and techniques with the mixing temperature lower than 35°C. Airless mixing, metering and dispensing equipment are recommended for production operations. Accurate measuring and complete mixing are essential factors in obtaining consistent results.

Cleaning :Special care must be taken to assure clean moulds and a clean work area with no organic rubbers used on the same processing equipment. Traces of foreign materials can poison the catalyst and inhibit the cure. All metering and mixing equipment should be thoroughly cleaned. Polymer systems, which contain traces of amines, sulfur, nitrogen oxide, organotin compounds can interfere with the cure of this product and should be avoided.

Packaging:Sanesil LSR7100A/B is available in 20 kg pails or 200 kg drums.

Storage and shelf life:
This series may be stored in the original, unopened container at a temperature between 0°C and 30°C, can be stored for 12 months from the date of manufacturing. Beyond this date, we no longer guarantees that the product meets the sales specifications.

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